Adoption 101 with Jim Thompson & Others on Creating a Family’s Radio Show

Recently, our very own, Jim Thompson, served as an expert commentator on the nationally recognized Creating a Family Radio podcast Adoption 101: Everything to Know When You Decide to Adopt. Jim and the other experts answered some of the first and most important questions that adoptive parents must answer when initially pursuing adoption:  Where do you start?  What are the costs of a domestic adoption?  How long is the wait? Is foster care adoption or international adoption right for me?  How do I choose an adoption attorney or adoption agency?  These questions and many others were answered in the hour long radio show that originally aired on September 24th.   Creating a Family is the number one adoption and infertility podcast on iTunes.  Click below to listen to the full interview and learn a little more about the adoption process.

 Adoption 101: Everything to Know When You Decide to Adopt

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