adoption resources for families following placement

Adoption Resources for Families Following Placement

adoption resources for families following placement

Your adoption journey does not end with placement. Adoptive parents will have new experiences and discoveries every day. Luckily, there are many resources available to both adoptive parents and kids to help navigate the waters. These resources offer advice and counsel from both “experts” and from regular folks who have already walked the adoption path and who are able to share from their experiences.

Adoption Publications

Magazines and websites about adoption feature all kinds of helpful how-tos that go beyond preparing for adoption. People who have been there share advice and real, powerful stories to help others in navigating their adoption journey. Some great publications include Adoptive Families magazine and Creating a Family.

Adoption-focused Therapists

Sometimes we need a little extra help connecting with and getting through to kids, and therapists who specialize in children and adoption can help do just that. Whether it’s adjusting to a new environment, dealing with trauma, or other problems your child might be facing, a therapist can help both you and your child in coping and dealing with those issues.

Recommended Books

Whether you’re dealing with a specific problem or the general emotional ups and downs of adopting, chances are there is a book on the topic. A simple Google search can give you access to hundreds of books on adoption, both for children and parents. If you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, Tapestry Books is a great place to begin. Also, you can check out two of our previous blogs regarding books about adoption for children and books for parents.

Online Support Communities

While local groups are great for getting together, online support groups offer a wide range of resources that can fit specifically to your needs. Online group members come from all kinds of different backgrounds but are connected in the journey of adoption. Online groups offer many different options, whether you are looking for information on open adoption, transracial adoption, or other areas of focus. Check out this list of various adoption forums and groups from  Creating a Family also has a variety of education and supportive resources relating to all aspects of the adoption and/or infertility journey.

Here at the offices of James Fletcher Thompson, we have counselors on call 24 hours a day who are happy to help with any questions you may have and point you in the direction of helpful resources.