Bringing Awareness to ALL Mothers this Mother’s Day
























May is a special month when we come together to celebrate the strength and sacrifice of some of the greatest people in the world…mothers. Mother’s Day is a beautiful tradition and a special day to be celebrated by many. As professionals in the adoption industry, we see Mother’s Day as an incredible opportunity to celebrate mothers that may not always receive the recognition they deserve.


While May can be a month filled with love and joy for many, it can also bring anxiety and sadness to those still waiting for the precious gift of motherhood. Be sure to keep this in mind and reach out to those who might need some extra support this Mother’s Day:



Adoptive Mothers

While the DNA may not match up, adoptive mothers should most certainly be celebrated. Avoid any comments that might be interpreted as negative, such as asking about the child’s “real mother.” A more appropriate term would be “birth mother.” An adoptive parent will tell you that a lack of DNA does not take away the amount of love and support they give to their adopted child. These mothers should be celebrated accordingly.


If you yourself are an adoptive mother, take some time to reflect on your child’s birth mother’s selfless decision. If you are in a more open adoption, it would certainly be appropriate to reach out to her with a card or small gift of appreciation. After all, they provided you with one of the greatest gifts of all.


Mothers Waiting to Adopt

In the United States alone, between 1 and 2 million couples hope to adopt a child. It is estimated that there are 100 families seeking to adopt every available infant. These numbers are staggering and provide some insight into just how many mothers-to-be are awaiting the precious gift of parenthood.


Many times, couples looking to adopt are under a tremendous amount of stress. This can be from failure to procreate, high demands of infertility treatments, or general stress that comes with the adoption process. Stay sensitive in how you approach the topic of motherhood with these individuals.


Birth Mothers

A birth mother is a biological mother who places her baby for adoption. This courageous, loving and unselfish decision can be incredibly difficult to make, and birth mothers should be highly regarded and admired. We believe that birth mothers make the greatest sacrifice of all and deserve considerable amounts of support.


Unfortunately, birth mothers do not always get all the recognition they deserve on Mother’s Day. We love this story about a birth mother who brought awareness to Hallmark about a need for Mother’s Day cards specifically for birthmothers. It’s nice to see that the communication and recognition is growing for this incredible group of women.


If you yourself are a birth mother, be sure to take some time to reflect on your decision. Think of the adoptive parents, their families and all of the people who were positively affected by your selfless choice. If you need any extra support, feel free to give us a call!


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