How to Throw the Perfect Adoptive Mom Baby Shower

How to Throw the Perfect Adoptive Mom Baby Shower

How to Throw the Perfect Adoptive Mom Baby Shower

Like any mother getting ready to have a child, adoptive moms spend months preparing for the arrival of their babies and the sleepless nights, exhausting days, and joys that come with motherhood. While she may not be going through any physical changes, an adoptive mom is getting ready for the biggest change, and greatest gift, of her life. There are many ways to be there for the adoptive mom in your life, and to give her all the love and help she deserves. One great way to start is by throwing her a baby shower.

Here are a few ideas to throw a thoughtful and memorable baby shower for the adoptive mom in your life.

Service Shower

Adopting a baby can be an emotional and exhausting journey, and motherhood most definitely is. With a new baby in the house, it’s easy for things like laundry and cooking — and even sleep — to fall by the wayside. With a service shower, you can help with little things that will mean a great deal to a new mom. Some ideas include:

  • Delivered dinner, or pre-made frozen dinners, for the week
  • Doing laundry a few times a week for the first month
  • Babysitting for two hours a week to give mom some much needed rest
  • Playdates for older siblings (at your house)
  • Maid service for the first couple of weeks

Seasonal Shower

Ask guests to bring gifts relative to the season that the baby will be born, like:


  • Hats
  • Baby boots
  • Blankets
  • Sleep sacks


  • Bathing suits
  • Sun hats
  • Baby sunscreen
  • Other beach or lake gear

Nursery Shower

Be a part of welcoming a new baby home by helping decorate the nursery with gifts like:

  • Crib essentials
  • Baby monitor
  • Comfortable rocking chair
  • Wall art
  • A mobile to hang over the crib

Pamper the Mom Shower

A new mom’s life is all about baby, so help her carve out some much-needed time for herself. Some gift ideas include:

  • Spa Gift Card
  • Essential oils and diffusers
  • Face masks, foot scrub and lotion
  • Restaurant gift certificate for date night

Sip and See Shower

Sometimes the adoption process happens much more quickly than a family expects and the adoptive family has brought home their little one before you’ve had a chance to blink! In these circumstances, a “Sip and See” shower is the perfect excuse to get together and meet the newest addition and to celebrate his or her homecoming! This also allows for special gifts such as:

  • A handmade gift that includes the child’s date of birth, weight, and length to be displayed in the nursery
  • Personalized gifts that include the child’s name
  • A thoughtful keepsake that reflects an event that occurred around the child’s birth

All of these ideas will let the adoptive mom in your life know how much you care, but remember that the most important gift you can give is your endless love and support.