The Adoption Friendly Workplace

The Adoption Friendly Workplace is the signature program of The Dave Thomas Foundation. Widely known as the founder of fast food chain Wendy’s, Dave Thomas established the foundation in 1992. They have taken a stance to increase awareness across the nation about children waiting in foster care and the process to adopt. Bringing to light the many employers that offer grants and incentives for adoptive parents, The Dave Thomas Foundation compiles a list of the top 100 companies that they consider the best adoption-friendly workplaces.

This past year’s list featured the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center as the top emerging leader in this nationwide ranking of adoption-friendly workplaces. With one of our offices being located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, this ranking is near and dear to our firm’s heart. Jim Thompson has even been able to serve as a board member of the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, chaired the planned giving initiative, and was a chair of the Hospice Home campaign.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption believes that every child deserves a safe, loving and permanent family. We are in full support of this core value. Their website goes a step further and provides a detailed adoption guide and other free outlined resources for adoptive families.

They also include a downloadable adoption friendly workplace toolkit that employees could provide to their employer that lists the reasons why their company should consider creating adoption benefits. These benefits come into play when companies decide to make financial reimbursement and paid leave available to employees who adopt.

The efforts of The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption have resulted in organizations nationwide establishing and enhancing adoption benefits each year. The Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson admire the powerful stance they have taken to give adoptive families the support they deserve.

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