The Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson: A Brief History

Here at The Law Offices of James Fletcher Thompson, our mission is to build families through adoption and assisted reproduction. Family building has been our focus since 1975. In this post, we’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look into how the firm came to be.


Meet Fletcher Thompson, father of James Fletcher Thompson.


Mr. Thompson started this practice from the ground up. At 93 years old, Fletcher is still involved in the courtroom and enjoys discussing his passion for adoption. We had a special opportunity to speak with him about the moment he realized that this is what he wanted to dedicate his life to:


“I entered the practice of law in the 70’s after an earlier 33 year career in the FBI. Soon after opening my office, I was approached by a friend who was a social worker and she told me about an unmarried, single young lady who had given birth to a new baby that she was not prepared to raise. She wanted to place the child for adoption. I had very little prior experience or knowledge of adoptions, but I agreed to pursue the challenge.


After going through the required legal procedures, we appeared in court for the final hearing. I can still visualize the atmosphere in that courtroom. The happy adopting couple held their new baby, the presiding judge sat on his bench anxious to hear the only happy experience of the day. We knew the birth mother was pleased that her baby would have a bright future with loving parents. Following the hearing, the judge was pleased to pose with the new family for a photo.

The thought went through my mind “this is what I want to do.”


Since that time, I have assisted in hundreds of adoptions and still, at age 93, enjoy going into the courtroom for final hearings from time to time. The gratitude and satisfaction always return. In earlier days, I would take the new baby from the nursery and deliver him/her to the proposed adoptive couple. The placement would be made at my office, at the home of the adoptive couple or in the chapel or lobby of the hospital.


 The babies who were placed for adoption in the early days of my law practice are of course now adults and parents of their own children, some of whom were also acquired through adoption. I will always remember when my wife, Ruth, pleaded with me on one of our deliveries, “Fletcher, slow down so I can spend more time with this baby.” These experiences will stick with me for the rest of my life.”


The legacy that Fletcher Thompson has created is truly special.


Today, we can say with great pride that each member of our team is incredibly passionate about the work they do. We believe that everyone deserves the love and support of a family, and it is our duty to make that process as accessible as possible. From the Thompson family to yours, thank you for your continued kindness and support.